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Water Sampling

About Me

I’m in my first year of a Postdoc position at the University of Southern California in the Fuhrman lab. I am interested in using metagenomics to facilitate a better understanding of the distribution of marine microbes, why they are where they are, and to better understand the roles they play in major global biogeochemical cycles.

I was inspired to pursue a research career during my undergrad years when I did a few volunteer research projects. I had a great PhD student, William King, mentor me through these, which was quite inspiring. We worked on figuring out the roles of various genes within the integron of Vibrio cholerae

During my PhD I researched microbial hazards in coastal environments, using microbial source tracking techniques to determine water quality in coastal areas. The project has a strong focus on pathogenic bacteria and bacteria associated with pollutants in stormwater and sewage overflow. I also researched the ecological patterns of the pathogenic genus of bacteria, Vibrio. I was attracted to this research topic because being someone who surfs most mornings, coastal water quality is important to me.

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