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Career Milestones

PhD Candidate

2019 – 2022

Microbial Threats in Coastal Environments at

The University of Technology Sydney under the supervision of Justin Seymour, Nachshon Siboni, and Maurizio Labbate.

Honours in Environmental Science First Class Division 2

2018 – 2019

Summer Mortality of Pacific Oysters at The University of Technology Sydney under the supervision of Maurizio Labbate and Justin Seymour.

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

2014 – 2018


Winner of the April-May 2022 UTS HDR Student Paper of the Month.

Teaching Experience

Microbial Ecology

General Microbiology
Ecological Genetics
Nature and Ecology
Scientific Perspectives of Global Issues


Higher Degree of Research Student Committee

  • Founded Student Seminar Series.

  • Faculty Research Committee Representative.

  • School of Life Sciences Representative.

  • Secured Funding for Student Grants.

  • Mental Health Workshops.

Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS) Committee

  • Event host.

  • Venue and Food Organiser

  • Symposium Committee


NSW Coastal Conference

Oral Presentation (2019): Monitoring Coastal Water Quality Using Molecular Microbiological Markers

ISME Conference

Poster Presentation (2022): Undefined fecal contamination sources identified in conjunction with microbial hazards with the use of molecular microbiological approaches at an urban beach


Terrigal: Human and animal faeces to blame for faecal pollution

Daily Telegraph

Relevant Skills

Excellent skills in bioinformatics including amplicon sequencing analysis

Exceptionally capable use of R
Extremely proficient at planning field experiments
Particularly proficient at DNA extractions and qPCR
Time management
Communication – talking with stakeholders in community


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